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This two-day event was the second annual meeting of the EIICC group representing Kelleys, Middle Bass, Pelee and South Bass Islands. It was hosted by the Kelleys Island participants.

EIICC's mission is to preserve the past and the cultures of our islands, to and conserve their natural beauty and to promote ecotourism.

An overview of the photos is the following:

1-16 At the Bird Banding stations and nets
17 Leslie Korenko, author of several books on KI history, giving a talk at the museum.
18-28 At the famous Glacial Grooves
27 The boy's dormitory at the school, used heavily for island nature classes for groups of students from the mainland
28-41 At Charles Herndon's home, gallery and sculpture garden on the east shore
42-46 At the ruins of the west quarry
47-53 At the North Shore Alvar State Nature Preserve
54-59 At the ruins of the east quarry
60-63 The very rare wildflower "Lakeside Daisy" near the east quarry
64-69 At the North Pond State Nature Preserve
70-72 Back at the Kelleys Island Ferry
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